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Lenght  cm. 184
Span  cm 194,7
 Root profile  NACA 2415  incidence +0,75
Tip profile  NACA 0018  incidence -1,20

Take off weight  Kg. 8,500
empty weight  Kg. 7,650 - fuel  Kg. 0,600
batteries  Kg. 0,250

Wing area  dmq. 54
Wing load gr. 157 x dmq.

Supertigre engine  G90 - 15cc
 Two fan like tanks 325 cc each
 with sump box

 Five blade propeller with alluminiun shaft
Pushing propeller tested: 

Landing gear powered by a Speed 400 motor
 with a 4.8V battery pack 

 Wing tip Strobe lights
 powered by two 1.2 V rechargeable cells  

Total servos used: n. 13, using 8  R/c channels
 Ailerons: 2 servos, Elevator: 2 servos, Retractable landing gear: 1 servo, Rudder with steering: 2 servos, Flaps: 2 servos, Throttle: 1 servo, sp
eed brakes: 2 servos, wheel brakes: 1 servo

Built by:  Piero RASTELLO

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